Monday, March 5, 2012

Basically Bare!

Hi everyone! The weekend flew by and it's Monday again....where does it all go?? Well today's post isn't about a page I've already made but rather about some really cute, cool products that I'd like to make some future pages with. Have you guys heard of Basically Bare? They make these wonderful mini albums and awesome, fun shapes that guessed it..bare!! Guess what that means? We get to alter the heck out of them (or not) and make them suit so many projects! I'm trying out for their design team and am so excited to have made it to their 'Final Exam'!

There were so many products to choose from but for my "final" I'm going to share with you, 3 of my favorites:) ...but wait, there's more! Leave a comment on my blog by March 15 for a chance to win an awesome prize: Basically Bare's whole winter CHA pack of embellies and albums! Now that's a lot of goodies!

Shall we get started:

Celestial Shapes:

OK, how cute are these? Love the sun and moon and I'm a huge fan of clouds and stars! So I've got some photos of my baby's feet that I've been meaning to scrap and I can just imagine using those stars and maybe even the moon, dolling them up with stamps and glitter (I want to make them shine!) and calling it Twinkle Toes!

Climbing Ivy Set:

And this! Who doesn't think brick backgrounds are pretty cool?  I've been wanting to make a page with bricks and this pack would be perfect! I can imagine distressing those bricks, tearing them a bit to expose the corrugation for texture, applying crackle paint, using molding paste between them for the "mortar" ...ooohh the possibilities!

Hearts Set 2:

Canvas hearts! First of all I love hearts, second of all I love canvas! I think it's so cool to spray/ mist canvas and see all the texture come through the beautiful colors! I could definitely use them in so many of my page layouts but I think I might be tempted to use these on a canvas piece too. Something to put up on the walls of my girls' rooms? Hmmm the wheels are turning.....!

What could you see yourself making?

So one more time, be sure to leave a comment on my blog by March 15 because Basically Bare is going to pick one lucky person from all of the finalists' commenters to give their prize to!

Thanks for your visit and comments!


  1. These are awesome...especially the know I'm a sucker for those! Congrats on making it to the final Miae, you are a fantastic artist and I can only imagine what you could do with these!

  2. Awesome! Lovin those celestial shapes, and my wheels are turning too, I can see them on so many projects :) Good luck to you in the finals, Miae!

  3. I LOVE this brand! The canvas hearts are so versatile! I use those in my Project Life album- I didn't know about the bricks- those would be SO CUTE in one of your pages with all the fun alteration and paint techniques you always rock!!! Yes glitter clouds- that sounds so awesome. fingers crossed on the give away! (good luck my lady!)

  4. I love their stuff, esp. the mini albums! :) Good luck Miae!!

  5. I look at these, love them, but then blink twice & wonder what to do with them. however, your work is always inspiring, and even your thoughts just now create ideas in me. I especially love the city/country feel of the climbing ivy, but i have a feeling I'm going to like all of them (especially if you're showing them off!)

  6. Hiya again! I tagged you in a post today!!! :)

  7. Wow! These look fabulous! I love those bricks!!!! Hope you pass the final exams with flying colours!! :)

  8. I wanted to be the first to say Congratulations!!! for making the team!!!

  9. this brand is awesome! so i get to say congrats already?! well DONE!!!


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