Thursday, August 2, 2012

What a Weekend It Was!

Yes, the next weekend is almost upon us but let me tell you about my last weekend....

I had the FANTASTIC opportunity to meet Anna Dabrowska aka Finnabair (!!) and take her Mixed Media class!!! And yes, it was all that I'd hoped it would be! Anna is a wonderful teacher, passionate, straight forward, challenging, encouraging and most certainly inspiring....THANK YOU Anna!

Anna and me!

Our class was sponsored by Swirlydoos, and held at Prima Marketing. Anna hand picked the yummy Prima goodies for our projects so it was a great group, great venue, and great teacher! 

Cool learning points for me:
1. When working on your layers, commit that stuff down with glue! No humming and hawing with each piece...this is art, there are no mistakes!
2. New approach...thinking in black and white and in shapes...add the colors later (a completely different way of thinking for me!)
3. You don't need gesso (gasp!) to get those bold colors over already colorful items...Lumiere acrylic paints baby! I knew I loved those paints for a reason!
Here's my journal...

Some close ups:

Also got to meet some cool people along the way...

Hi Jodi, Pom and Frank!

It's a pretty awesome thing when you get to meet live and in person
a fellow scrapper you've been DT and blogging friend with! Hi Frank!

It really was a memorable event and I'm promising myself it won't be my last! Have an inspired weekend!



  1. how lucky you, get to met Anna and love your canvas project, absolutely stunning and beautiful texture and colours used.

  2. I am sooooooooo jealous!!!!!! Oh WOW...lucky YOU!! And your journal covers turned out AMAZING!!!

  3. It was lovely meeting you sweetie, and your canvas turned out amazing!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. Beautiful, Miae! What a great experience!

  5. What can I say but your fab and colourful creations. What a fantastic opportunity to have classes with Finnabair and meeting blog friends :)

  6. Wow! This is awesome!!! Love the colors you’ve used!!!

  7. Amazing textures and colours Miae! Lovelovelove what you did! I so want to learn this! How lucky are you to meet your creative peeps! :)

  8. Oh wow!!! Love how the colours fade in and out! This is lovely!!!

  9. I am so jealOus!!!! That Finn project is amazing! Did I mention that I am so jealous! ;)

  10. Amazing ... i love your art folder... and how fun to have the chance to meet and take finnabair class... i have my fingers crossed here is aussie that i too can join in on all the fun at her class! Thanks for popping by too!

  11. So I'm just gonna parrot what everyone else said- I'm INSANELY JEALOUS over here! Anna came to NY but she was in Buffalo which is as far from NYC as a gal can get without crossing the Canada border- oh well. She was also in Puerto Rico! I would have SO splurged on a plane ticket since I would have been able to stay with family but I found out about it only 2 days before- sideways frowny face. You book is INSANE!!! LOVE IT! I had no idea you could do all that with just Lumiere paints- maybe it's time to invest in some colors. I've always wondered how she got her effects.

  12. I'm browsing through your blog and's Anna! she's one of my very favorite artists and a great friend! :)
    I love love love your pages... very poetic.


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