Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Peace Out and Waiting For Mojo

Hi everyone,

Been kinda quiet here. We've returned from our holidays and school is in full session and so is work but I just can't seem to kick the creativity into high gear. Ever feel that way? What do you do when your mojo seems low?

To reenergize and get inspired, I'm taking an online course called Pop & Colours #3 put on by Shirel Studio. She's got a super star line up of mixed media people and I'm really enjoying the videos! Here's my first page. I made this after watching Riikka Kovasin's video.

I love taking classes for many reasons. Yes, there's new techniques to learn but sometimes it's learning a new way to approach a tried and true technique or sometimes it's being reminded to retry something you've forgotten about. 

Another thing I enjoy about classes is how relaxing it can be. I simply followed along with Riikka's process, enjoying creating without having to "reinvent the wheel". 

So I'm still waiting for my friend mojo to swing by for a visit but until then, I plan on learning, continuing to dirty my hands with paint and gesso, and enjoying my classes.


  1. I'm sure it'll return way quick - this is a GORG page....those hearts are sensational! And you're right, sometimes you actually FORGET tech's....& then get a surprise when you revisit them:):) Love those bright blues & greens, too...& that is a SWEET photo:):) Maybe you just need a few days off, eh???!!!! That would most deffo help. Time is always the problem:/

  2. Ahh yes, the whole mojo in hiding - been there done that! I like to look through some of the many (good golly it's embarrassing) technique books I've got to be recharged because you're right there are many time we forget sometimes the old things we loved to do. Certainly looks like you're on the right track though with this beauty of a page. :) Love all the fabulous texture from the hearts/diecuts and the wire pieces are terrific accents as well. Of course the cutie photo just makes the page! So keep on truckin' my friend! The mojo is there and I'm really glad the class is helping. I've heard so many wonderful things about I think I may break down and sign up myself. Take care!! xo

  3. Looking good! Keep at it! When I'm not terribly inspired, I do a lot of background work prep.

    P/s:I like taking classes too..but not in scrapbooking/mixed media. Go visit a museum..I find art installations very inspiring!

  4. Love your layered mixed media background!!


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