Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Art Journal Relief

Hi everyone! Oh I always feel a bit anxious if I haven't posted anything in a while because it probably means I haven't made ANYTHING and that drives me bonkers. Well life continues to be hectic so I haven't had too much time but I have managed to do a little bit of art journaling and so I wanted to share that with you.

I'm more of a technique journaler. I'm either practicing or trying out something and it just goes from there. I don't do it nearly as much as I'd like too and frankly I'm still about 50/50 on whether or not I like how the page turns out.

This first page is clearly not a finished page and it's something that's been building haphazardly...I started with masking tape, gesso and stencils, thought "eh" not exciting, added some stamps and left it. Then I was making a layout with my water soluble crayons and wanted to try something so I tested the blue here before using it on my layout. The pink circles came from left over paint I didn't want to waste. I like this look but not sure where to take it from here...oh and I'm all for suggestions:)

This is one I've picked up and left off several times..we'll call it a work in progess..

This page is one I made for the Second Floor Challenge hosted by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Nathalie Kalbach.

Second Floor

Their 2nd challenge was to use something in your crafting space that you had never used before. I pulled out my new Kuretake paint pens in green, white and black, goofed around and came up with this. I'm an RN in my other life and I wear green scrubs, which often leads my husband to say "It's not easy being green"! I pretty much cannot stand this page (well maybe except for the wings) but I'm putting it out there anyway as that is part of the challenge.

My last page is probably the most "journally" of the 3. I got myself a brand new brayer and just wanted to play around with it. After creating the background I cut up some journaling into circles and but them randomly about. This one I'm happy with.

Well that's all for today! Thank you for your visit and comments!


  1. very nice journal Miae...totally awesome with the techniques and paint...I love it! Thanks for sharing and have fun crafting.

  2. These are pretty amazing Miae! Don't be too hard on yourself...even 5 minutes here and there can work. Especially since you are brilliant at doodling.

    P/s: I spend a little time every day organizing my scrap supplies and call that being "creative" I tend to post one project at a time...I have an arsenal of unposted projects for lull periods.

    Would you consider turning off word verification? I turn mine off and don't have a problem with spam.

  3. You don't get to be great without being hard on yourself and pushing yourself to your limit but I don't see how these are nothing less than spectacular! I LOVE each of these pages!!! The heart page is fantastic- love the curly border and the layering- I LOVE that first art journal page as well- I'm experimenting with tape because YOU inspired me to and my pages are not remotely as painterly as that! The color gradation and circles in the last page are FABULOUS! I heard "ombre" is a trend right now- you are tuned right in! I know what you mean about post anxiety- I feel the pressure too- I usually post mon/wed/fri but the last few weeks have been crazed and I'm lucky to get in tue/thur- you do what you can! The work speaks for you- it's great! I agree with Yvonne above- word verification is for the birds but I do have problem with spam- I just delete it- I also enabled my site for anonymous posts for people who want to comment but don't have a google account- no problem with flame comments at all. Love you to bits girlie!

  4. I adore all this! All the colors, the details and the layers… I want to see more! xoxo

  5. love your pages! beautiful and full of color! happy to be following your lovely blog!

  6. Well, I'm with Michelle, these are spectacular! You are such an awesome artist! Lately thats how I end up with my scrapbook backgrounds. No direction whatsoever! I just start creating, then figure out the rest later!

  7. Why oh Why don't I Art Journal?!?!??! I am a huge fan of Julie and Nat....and I'm still sitting on my duff doing NOTHING about it (well, trying to keep up with my other deadlines. lol) have inspired me to get my journaling act together!


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