Friday, October 10, 2014

UWS - Hello Dear One

Hello all,

I've got an UmWowStudio layout to share today! I recently snapped these photos of my youngest having an afternoon and they're so precious to me because her napping days are almost over. Not too many sleeping photo ops left :) So I composed a warm, neutral page to try and convey a sweet, precious feel.

Here are some close ups:

I used gold everywhere I could. In the case of the bulb and stars I mixed loose gold glitter and a gloss gel medium to make a paste over the masks. And of course that flair fit so perfectly in the bulb :)

Rub 'n Buff came in handy for the ends of these hearts to given them a light, metallic cover.

The raw chipboard also felt right in making the rose vine lattice. The little Prima roses and gilded leaves also came in handy. I did paint some of the roses with Distress Paint for the pops of purple color here and there. I also gave them a little Rub 'n Buff treatment too get the gold on the edges. 

Hope you enjoyed the page...have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OK, just climbing back onto my seat.....soft...pretty......SUBTLE???????? What the heck's in YOUR water atm???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah, just joking - it's GORGEOUS - very feminine & 'cuddly' to look at, & calm & Serene....I can imagine you feeling slightly saddened by the lack of arvo sleeps left....that light bulb & flair is INSPIRED ...& I just adore the gold 'lightness' that you've used:):) And you've reminded me I've got some rub'n'buff I 'needed' sooooo badly. That I haven't used. Oooops.......!!!

  2. This is such a beautiful layout for that cute photo! Love all the details!


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