Thursday, March 28, 2013

Art Journal Pages

Hi everyone!

I don't play in my art journal nearly as much as I'd like to but sometimes I finish a few pages. I try not to worry to much about the outcome, just enjoy the process. Here's some pages to share:

This page was done over an existing was an incomplete page that I was stuck on so I covered the whole page in gesso and restarted.

I love feathers and I had cut some out of my Silhouette. I used the feathers on one project and used the negatives as stencils for this page. Remember this wonderful quote?

This last page was more about the sentiment. I found myself saying these words again and again on a particular day (I was having one of "those" days) so I decided to commit it to paper.

There's a big weekend coming up, hope everyone enjoys theirs!


  1. Wow these are amazing! Love your art!!! :D

  2. These are great. I thought I liked the top one best..then get the idea - they're all so different & FUN...even the angst-y one...I Think i like the pen/feather/sword one best...they look stunning!!!

  3. Oh wow Maie - these art journal pages are exquisite. I need to get back to mine. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful work. You are such an inspiration.

  4. Awesome pages! Love the colors and struktur in the first one, totally in love with the seconde one, and love the message in th last one!
    Have a wonderful easter :o)

  5. This is awesome!! I love the way you use watercolor on your backgrounds. I really should try that... Have a wonderful easter!

  6. WOW Miae! I love all of your art journal pages so much! They are each beautiful in their own special way! You have quite the knack and artistic talent, my friend! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!!! Hope you had a happy Easter!

  7. These Art Journal pages are soo kewl! : D Love the dripping colors!


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